Brilliant splashes of sunlit watercolor are the elements highlighting the art of Richard Salvador Hernaez.

His passion for painting began in elementary school when teachers and family encouraged him to explore his talent.  Richard excelled in the numerous art classes he took in college.  Later, as a watercolorist, he continued taking workshops with various master painters who helped him develop his technique.

Richard’s paintings showcase his background as a licensed architect who specializes in concept design and illustration.  He combines his drawing ability with his eye for the use of intense colors, contrast, and perspective, and the viewer is able to appreciate a painting which has created reality, balance, and harmony.

Using watercolors to capture scenes of the natural beauty he encounters in his environment, Richard uses the medium to create a fluidity of hues.  His sense of color and scope is reflected in his sweeping Caribbean and Mexican Riviera seascapes and in  High Sierra landscapes;  his background in classical building design is seen in his depictions of Mendocino and the Mediterranean.

Selected watercolors by the artist were distributed internationally.  His paintings have also become a part of many private collections.

Richard’s painting technique and subject matter are ever evolving.  His home in Lake County, California is steeped in natural beauty and provides inspiration for his creativity.

Richard Hernaez

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